Welcome to Gettpal

Hey you! Heard about Gettpal? What is Gettpal? You may ask! It is a revolutionary social network site that is focused on connecting people through shared activities! Gettpal is designed in such a way that it lets you meet new friends and experience awesome moments together!

Well, since our aim is to keep the Gettpal community safe and pleasant place for new friendships, here are a few rules and philosophy to help you meet amazing people just like you!

Please, read the rules carefully

Gettpal is designed to serve nice, welcoming and positive people.

The founding philosophy of Gettpal is to meet the needs of friendly individuals with a positive attitude, who are interested in meeting amazing people like themselves. This is irrespective of gender, age, race or religion. As a way of fostering cordiality, members are called by their first names and are encouraged to be tolerant of other members. On this note, hate speech, or inciting comments revolving around, religion, politics or other beliefs is strongly discouraged.

At Gettpal, we create an avenue for you to make posts which can cater to:

  1. Inviting well-meaning individuals for various activities through creating events
  2. Allowing followers to join other members in their activity
  3. Posting pictures from shared activities
  4. Sharing posts, pictures or comments regarding a particular activity or topic

It is worthy of note that anything else outside those specified above, is considered as breaking the rules and may lead to a temporary or indefinite termination of a member’s account.

At Gettpal we invite people to join our activity, notwithstanding their gender, age, race or religion.

Gettpal is focused on connecting people, no matter how they look or how old they feel. All that matters, is a shared sense of activity, mutual sympathy and tolerance.

Concerning choosing other Members based on gender or age…

When some activity or event requests it, we can allow you specify who you intend to meet. The main idea here is that the site is not for dating purposes and as such should not be an avenue to discriminate against other Gettpalers. However, in certain cases, specification can be allowed. This can be for instance when a female member is looking for another woman to join in her gym training, or when a Guy is searching for other cool fellas to hang out with and talk about fun stuff over a bottle of beer. It could even be a dancer searching for a dance partner of the opposite sex. Whatever the scenario may be, we strongly believe, that it's pretty clear that boundaries between both parties should be respected. Overall, the choice of this specific search will be made by the Gettpal Team. Therefore, please report any unclear posts, so we can make immediate adjustments based on our knowledge and conscience.

Gettpal is not a dating site. Hence, inviting other members for a date and/or hitting on them via personal messages is prohibited.

As a rule of the site, members are not allowed to invite other members on dates, or activities in pairs that suggest such. Although Gettpal provides one of the coolest avenue to meet other people of like minds, spurious date events or chats is not encouraged. We do understand that during shared activities members can meet a lot of new friends and maybe even a find love. Hence, we encourage it to happen naturally, during shared activities and events.

Members are prohibited from bothering other members

As a member of the Gettpal community, we do not encourage the bothering of other members especially by way of private messaging. This is especially frowned against in cases where the member is intrusive of another’s space.

Gettpal is all about protecting the ladies

Gettpal is built in such a way to shield the ladies and make them feel safe. Our platform allows them to feel special, and hence they are treated with immense respect. On this note, sending private messages, invites for dates, or sex is prohibited. Members are encouraged to act nice, and not pushy towards women. Also, ladies, are admonished not to take unfair advantage on these rules, as any of such brought to our notice will result in cautionary actions.

Comments serve the purpose of negotiating common activities and are not meant to boost egos, opinions or deal with personal issues

On the platform, comments are used for communicating about events and details about attendance. Polite comments are encouraged, as swear words and strong criticisms are not tolerated. Haughtiness, ridiculing words and humiliating other members is also not acceptable. On this note, there is no avenue for arguing or expressing negative opinions. Any comments, which are not connected to shared activities will be deleted and their posters may likely be banned from Gettpal.

Members can choose people who will or will not attend their event.

When you invite people for a shared activity, you reserve the right to refuse entry without giving any reason. However, it is appropriate to do it in a way that is polite based on Gettpal’s rules. Please note: It is not right to turn down too many people from an event, as it will be considered as discrimination and breaking the established rules.

Accepting Rejection from an event.

As a member, you are adjoined to respect being rejected from attending an event especially when the organizer informs you. You are to respect that fact without expressing anger. You are also encouraged not to bother the organizer further concerning the event you were rejected from.

When I promise to attend another Member’s event, I will be there.

Promising to attend the event of another member is indicated by choosing “going,” on the Gettpal platform. However, if you can’t attend, it is advised that you change the status to “interested” or “not going.” This is because misleading the organizer is considered as breaking the rules.

Advertising, hidden promotions and spam messages are prohibited.

This is only permissible if you get approval from the Gettpal admin. If you feel that your product or service would be of interest to Gettpalers, please reach us via the contact form on the Gettpal News & Info site within the app.

Gettpal is a private community of mature and positive people.

We reserve the right to decline the acceptance of any person intending to join the community, or ban already existing members, even without giving reasons. This line of action is taken in cases where an individual continually violates our terms and makes the platform unconducive for other members. This action could be taken at any time, especially in a case which compromises safety or the pleasant experience of other Gettpal members. Therefore, please act nice, be tolerant and respectful towards other Gettpal members.

How do we control profiles and grand access to Gettpal?

To keep Gettpal safe we approve only mebmers that have real Facebook profiles with real friends, photos and posts containing comments. If you believe that we declined your request unjustifiably, please send us email to passin@gettpal.com.

Banned by mistake or Willing to make a change for the better?

If you believe that you were banned accidently or can prove you have turned a new leave. Please come to us, we share the philosophy of giving everyone a second chance. Kindly send an email to our team through iambetter@gettpal.com. In the message, kindly explain why we should let you back in.

We are committed to keeping Gettpal safe and friendly.

If you see any violation of rules, kindly report it.

If you are being harassed or you have some troubles in community, please report it to us.

If you do not like Gettpal or do not agree with our philosophy, please leave.

We appreciate your kind attitude and respect to other members of this unique community. We are elated by your working to make Gettpal a safe and friendly place for us all. With this in mind, we look forward to seeing you at future Gettpal events.

Your Gettpal Team